About Summit Web Design

The initial spark for Summit web design was born whilst the Director of the company 'Kris Flanagan' was backpacking around the world in the late 90's. Kris was amazed that even in the remotest areas from Nepal to the Sudan; he could still access information from friends and businesses due to the accessibility of the internet.

On returning to Australia, Kris discovered from talking with various businesses there was a real need for providing low cost and manageable websites.
Most web design companies he came across would create a website for a client and then part company. Due to the dynamic nature of business, this 'walk away' approach would lead to future problems. As client needs changed and the company wished to amend the content of their website, the cost for these changes was too prohibitive. The solution was to design database driven web applications, whose content could be administered by the client, without the client needing any technical knowledge or having to purchase expensive 3rd party software.

The spark that was ignited in those frosty Summits of the Himalayas has now become a reality, and the benefits of Kris' dream are now available for your business.


Kris Flanagan
Tom Wainright
Peter Friel
Anthony brown



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