Give your business a window to the world: Summit Web Design can provide customised website's, database web integration, e-commerce, intranet's, graphics and multimedia solutions that open up your business to a host of potential new clients.
Let your website reflect your company: No business is alike and at Summit web design, we make it a priority to customise your website to reflect your business needs. With experienced business analysts we will make sure that we design your website to meet your business processes and requirements.
We believe that the internet is truly the cheapest form of advertising: after site setup you only pay hosting fees of $29.99 a month for potential clients all around town, the state, the country and the globe. With more and more people doing everyday things over the internet now booking flights, banking, looking for vehicles, restaurants and online shopping, if you have a great looking website with fresh content, you really will have the edge over you competitors
Search engine optimization: if you would like to rate higher on search engines for example Summit Web Design can optimize your site through our search engine optimization.
We can tailor a package with statistics and certain "keywords" to any budget to get a client searching anywhere in the world for a service that you can provide them.

This is truly the best value package around
You get a custom designed web site with 3 web pages, graphics tailored to your business's look and feel
you will also get with the package:
Domain name  (.com .net .org a domain with extension is $30 extra, Summit will then manage your domain name)
1 month's web hosting included  (after this you will be placed on the summithost's static plan yearly)
1 email account to your new domain e.g.
(Extra charges apply for logo design and excessive graphic design)


The web explained

There are five things that need to be organised when setting up a web site,

but relax Summit can do it all for you.
Web Design
A web designer creates your website, this includes the graphics, content and look and feel of your website, this should result in a good graphical and textual website representing your business to show the world. Your website consists of a number of web pages that the end user can view and interact with in their web browser on a personal computer.
The website usually consists of your business logo, contact details, staff details, what you sell or what services you provide and ultimately an online store to sell products to the public online. your site can be one of two types
1. Static website
A static website is a web site is one that once it is initially designed cannot be altered by the user. if it needs updating a web designer must make the changes and upload them to the server, this type of site is fine if you do not need to update your site content very often.
2. Dynamic website
This type of website is one where your site content can be updated by you through an administration page. this site is very useful as you can keep your website fresh with new stock, price changes, new developments, new images, etc.
Domain name
Your domain name is a name that you choose as your unique website address, e.g.
Once the domain name is purchased and your site is hosted (see below) on a web server we need to point your domain to the correct space on a web server.
Domain names usually need to be renewed every two or three years.
Domain Name Prices
Web Hosting
Once your site is designed it needs to be hosted on a web server that the public can access from any computer on earth that is connected to the internet. you have to pay rent or hosting fees for your space on a web server. The size of your site and factors like how many email accounts you wish depends on which plan is most suitable for you. Summit offers hosting plans from $14.99 p/m for static website's and from $29.99 p/m for dynamic website's.
Web hosting prices
Email Accounts
When you purchase a website you can set up any number of email accounts at your domain e.g., let summit know how many accounts you need at the time of design and we will set these up for you. for limits on how many email accounts are available with each hosting package click here.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)
This is your means of connection to the internet. (Most customers have this set up already) Connection is via a dial up from a modem on your computer or by a broadband modem. This service is needed before you get a website so that  a) you can view your new website and b) check and respond to email you get from customers who visit you site.
This service can be through telstra big pond, Digiplus, Dodo, TPG to name a few, shop around for a plan that suits you.


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